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Yomato Global Market Agent Recruitment

2019-07-11 10:05:35 1226

Agent Recruitment...

We are looking for the reliable partner in market,to create the win-win value platform.

Join us,Right now.

Product Ranges:

-Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine(Aluminum & Magnesium Alloy,MT130-MT3500);

-Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine(Zinc Alloy,HT130-HT280);

-Automation Robot,Peripheral Equipment;

-Die Casting Mould,Melting & Holding Furnaces.

Yomato Advantages:

-Award as Top 5 Brand in China;

-Established in 2008,10+ years Experience in R&D and Manufacturing;

-New Factory P.C:700sets/year;

-Professional Team,25+Years Working Experience;

-Turn-key project,One-stop service.

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